cocktail sofa and partition 鸡尾酒沙发组合以及隔断

a new cocktail sofa serial together with a lovely partition 这是一款新型的沙发配上自带隔断

共享办公室设计Co-work space concept

一个北欧办公室的概念设计  a concept design for a Scandinavia co-working office

booth design for architecture material 建筑材料展位设计

this booth design is for a high end interior and architecture design fair


a booth design specialized for the hotel material fair

zencool showroom design 展厅设计

the showroom concept design …

a concept design for a start up media company 某自媒体公司办公室概念提案

this concept is for a start up media company….

Outotec Beijing office design 芬兰公司Outotec北京办公室设计

Outotec is a company for sustainable use of the earth’s natural resources

Zencool hangzhou office 金属板品牌Zencool杭州办公室设计

office design for a renovate metal brand-zencool

a concept proposal for a public toilet in a rural tea town茶都公厕提案

a fun ,clean , sustainable , water saving . cost effective, duplicable  solution for a public toilet in a rural tea town

Booth design for Zencool material 展会展览设计

it is a booth,   it is also a meeting room for discussing creative solutions

a boutique shop concept design 上海精品买手店设计

shop concept design for a boutique space for a.c’s  buyer’s collection